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Dear Graduate Students; ISMA521 Course is prepared for you to learn advance topics in system analysis and design. This course will let you to explore new methodologies in order to deploy in business life to develop new systems to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations. The course massively relies on active participation and requires regular attendance.

Students will gain a good understanding of the challenges related to heterogeneity, openness, security, scalability, failure handling, concurrency and transparency as they apply to distributed systems. This course will provide better understanding to students to be able to to place distributed systems in a realistic context through examples: the Internet, an intranet and mobile computing.

There will be projects assigned during this course based on specific exercises in filed of distributed computing. Students will be going to prepare a detailed report of the exercises and criticize + summarize one research article before the end of the semester.

course INFO

Day : Tuesday

Time : 18:00 - 21:00

Class : FL 102

Contact :

Zoom Meeting ID: 717 692 1518

Zoom Passcode: 3cp5Se

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