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Dear Graduate Students; ISMA511 Course is prepared for you to learn different fundamental aspects of computer security including network security, host security, software and hardware security. The goal of this class is to explore different security problems that affect real-world systems and different techniques that can prevent/mitigate such issues.


Students are expected to have a strong knowledge of computer networks. In particular, it is assumed you know the material covered in CIS 218 (undergraduate networks) and have basic working knowledge of security concepts. Please note that this course is not recommended for students who are not familiar with the basic networking topics such as TCP/IP, SSL/TLS and OSI.

Class Policies

1) Students are expected to attend all classes unless they have a reasonable excuse for being absent. The course massively relies on lab practices and requires regular attendance.

2) Assignments/ Tests cannot be submitted/ taken late unless there is prior approval from the Instructor, or there is formally documented evidence of medical/ other emergencies.

3) No extra office hours on demand. Please plan accordingly. I believe the TAs have been more than accommodating to you outside their office hours.

4) No sample questions for the final, treat midterm questions as samples.

course INFO

Day : Wednesday

Time : 18:00 - 21:00

Class : FL 102

Contact :

Zoom Meeting ID: 717 692 1518

Zoom Passcode: 3cp5Se

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