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Welcome to the Dr. Arif Sari's personal website. This website contains information related with cybersecurity, and most up to date information related with Dr. Sari's research activities. You can simply find materials of courses given by him and corresponding publications.



The rapidly evolving Information Technology (IT) industry has revolutionized the way we live today. Most facets of our lives depend, to a greater or lesser degree, on computers and IT industry. From telephone systems to security systems, accounting to marketing, baby monitors to auto-pilot options, every industry, every household and every office is looking to "up grade" itself by means of new technology and new software.

Bazen, görmek için örtmek gerekir....bazen örtünmek gerekir korkmamak için...  



Kuvvete dayanmayan adâlet âcizdir. Adâlete dayanmayan kuvvet ise zâlimdir.

Hazret-i Ebû Bekir (r.a.)


Büyük imparatorları korkutan silahlar değil, fikirlerdir...Herkes, 'dokunulabilir'dir..


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