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Dear Students; There is no particular course material exist for this course.Each student will prepare a graduation project(software - hardware) and defend his/her project against department's jury. There will be meetings for the projects on scheduled days of the week in MIS LAB. All students are required to attend and participate in corresponding week to show her/his project progress.

There will be personal discussions with advisors about graduation project topics during the office hours and during the CIS 401 Class sessions. All students must choose a graduation project topic and prepare to submit a "project proposal" about that particular topic. Each student must choose different topic than the others.

Students will submit their project proposals to their supervisors online as well as hard copy. There will be no presentation for the project proposals. Proposals will be evaluated by the department. For more information, please contact your project supervisor.

course INFO

Day : Thursday

Time : 12:00 - 15:00 + Office Hours

Class : FL 102

Contact :

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